Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 5:14 PM UTC, Feb 2, 2023

General Secretariat for Formation

The Constitutions at article 25.7 reads: “The General Secretariat for Formation is the first structure of direct collaboration with the General Minister and his council in everything concerning the initial and ongoing formation of the brothers and the study centers of the Order. It is available to the different circumscriptions, to various areas that collaborate at an interprovincial level, and to the Conferences, offering them assistance and input for the promotion of all that pertains to formation.”

With the new structure given to formation animation, in the form of a General Secretariat for Formation (SGF) – with a secretary and a deputy secretary, and an International Formation Council (IFC), the General Minister and his Council sought as much as possible to create a vital, working  aid for the major superiors and the friars, in accordance with the above quote from the Constitutions. In June of 2011, the General Minister and his Council approved the statute that defines the identity of the Secretariat and indicates its operational guidelines.

General Secretariat for Formation Staff:

Secretary: Br. Charles Alphonse (Province of Tamil Nadu South, India)

Vice-secretary: Br. Jaime Rey (Province of Spain)


  • Charles Alphonse

    Charles Alphonse

  • Jaime Rey

    Jaime Rey

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