Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 8:16 PM UTC, Sep 23, 2021

The General Bursar’s Office

The Office of the General Bursar has the task of supervising the economic assets of the General Curia and of its dependent entities in order to keep all accounts in agreement with the norms of the Church, the Order and the Italian State. By means of an annual budget presented by each institution and approved by the General Minister and his Council, the Bursar provides the amount of money necessary to meet the commitments and responsibilities of the General Curia.

The Bursar facilitates and assists in the interchange of funds and economic aid between different circumscriptions of the Order; he is also responsible for providing funds to the Order’s Economic Solidarity Office for the realization of its projects.

Office Staff:

General Bursar: Br. Piero Vivoli (Province of Tuscany, Italy)

Vice General Bursar: Br. Thomas Francis (Custody of Malawi)


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