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updated 10:57 AM UTC, Jun 20, 2024

CEMCap Assembly 2024

Reflecting on the Realities, Challenges and Possibilities in the Mediterranean

Custodia Generale del Pakistan

Custodia Generale del Pakistan  CU: fr. Ajaz Bashir 1C: fr. Shahzad Khokhar 2C: fr. Danish Daniel Inizio del mandato: 07/06/2024

Provincia di California

Provincia di California MP: fr. Joseph Seraphin Dederick VP: fr. Lijoy Jose Chiriyankandath 2C: fr. Victor John Taglianetti 3C: fr. Robert Sewe Onyango 4C: fr. Robert Anthony Barbato Eletti: 03/04/2024 Luogo: Sierra Madre, California, USA Presidente: fr. Celestino Arias, Consigliere Generale

BiCI n. 385

Peace and good! The new BICI, n. 385 - June 2024, has been published. It can be downloaded from the website or viewed directly via the link below. Fraternally, Br. Francisco Castillo OFMCapCommunications Office
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