Curia Generalis Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 3:19 AM CET, Nov 21, 2017

Province of Eritrea - Appointments

MP: Br. Amanuel Mesgun (reelected)VP: Br. Habtemariam Adumer2C: Br. Tesfu Iyob3C: Br. Mengsteab Ghebremikael4C: Br.Tekle Teklay Date: 15.11.2017Place: General Curia, Rome

Franciscans Among People of Other Faiths

Beyrut. Dal 18 al 21 ottobre in Libano presso il convento Notre-Dame-de-Puits a Bkenneya, vicino a Beirut si è tenuta un conferenza internazionale sul dialogo interreligioso (DIR) per una pacifica coesistenza nelle società interculturali.

Project managers meeting 2017

Every year during the month of October, the Project Managers and the International Commission of Economic Solidarity comes to the General Curia in Rome to discuss the numerous applications for missionary subsidies, initial formation subsidies, and projects.

Province of Australia - Elections

MP: Br. Gerard O'DempseyVP: Br. Julian Messina2C: Br. Lam Vu3C: Br. Thomas McFadden4C: Br. Michael O'Dwyer Date: 07.11.2017Place: Saint Joseph Centre, Baulkham Hills, NSWPresident: Br. Mark Schenk, General Councilor From left: Thomas McFadden, Lam Vu, Gerard O'Dempsey, Julian Messina, Michael O'Dwyer.

Ratio Formationis Ordinis – Chapter II

Dear Brothers, We are sending you the text of the II chapter of the Ratio formationis and inviting formators in a special way to work together with the brothers in formation in writing up a record of their meetings. We ask the Brother Provincial Ministers…
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