Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 3:28 PM UTC, Jan 23, 2023

The Holy Land of Brother Francis

This year’s Heritage Course for the English Speaking brothers from around the world brought 24 brothers together. They experienced Franciscan Capuchin Brotherhood, in the Land of Peace, love of nature and Contemplation.

The programme included spiritual pilgrimage, inputs on the Ratio, Franciscan Spirituality, Capuchin history, spiritual meditation, inner healing and integral ways of Capuchin living. The animators team included Brs. Jaime Rey, Damian Periera, Bro. Mario, Johannes, Patricia, Basil, Jossy Fernandez, Dolphy Pious, Charles Alphonse and brothers.
Brothers had the first hand experience of the rich Franciscan heritage, they were inspired by the simplicity, fraternal passion and uniqueness of our charism. Reading, reflecting and discussion on the Ratio Text helped them to be convinced of our identity and specificity.
Insights: Wherever we are, Capuchins are called to uphold good and human dignity. Remind people that all our children of God who deserve a decent living and human dignity.
Universal Fraternal Living brings wisdom, adjustment and openness
The objective of getting inspired further into Franciscan fraternal living and cherishing the universal brotherhood got realized in living with brothers from different countries of the world.

Testimony of Br. Recardo Ofm Cap (Philippines)
The Franciscan heritage Program which started the 2nd day of September 22, 2019 has given the opportunity to be enriched more in my Franciscan Capuchin vocation. All the actual sacred places of our dear Seraphic father St. Francis of Assisi that we have visited, whom our batch calls "The Holy Land of Francis" has given me a once in a lifetime experience to walk, feel and touched the history I have learned in my formation years. In those places, he left us traces of his footprints of his own story how close he is to the Lord Jesus Christ. Father Francis was able to carry the Cross of Christ in his cross and entered into the passion in "the Wounds" of the Lord. Walking in the the footprints of father Francis brought back memories of my first travel outside the Philipppines, The Holy Land Pilgrimage, "my Holy Land Experience" in November of 2018. I have walked in the Ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have walked in the footprints! May these two holy experiences that all took place in my 10th presbyteral ordination will help me to know more the will of the Father in my own journey, in the ministry where He is calling me to follow Him more closely. I am hoping that I could integrate these two important experinces in my Franciscan Capuchin journey. He has graced much, I hope that I could give much also. To the Order of Friars Minors Capuchins, to the formation team in FHP 2019 and with the collaboration of the different Provincial in each circumscription especially my Province Kapatirang Capuchino ng Pilipinas, with deep deep gratitude thank uoubso much for granting me such an opportinity to "go back" to the "sources and roots" of our Franciscan history" made present through this on-going formation. May I become more and more like Francis before my time comes to an end. May I find my haven in this world and in my fraternity like St. Francis of Assisi had, that will lead me to heaven somehow.
Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat! A todos ustedes muchas gracias! Pax et Bonum!