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updated 5:16 PM UTC, Feb 27, 2024

Ongoing Formation Course – Bharnagnanam, Kerala, India

Ongoing Formation Course – Bharnagnanam, Kerala, India

Objective: it is to help our brothers get updated in our Franciscan Spirituality, Contemplation, Franciscan Discernment, Fraternal living, Experience at the Periphery and Personal Growth (Core-issue identification, inner healing & grow further into psycho-sexual maturity)
12 Capuchin brothers along with 3 Franciscan sisters participated in the ongoing formation course at Assisi Ashram, Bharnagnam, Kerala, India (2nd to 9th December 2015).

We had the inaugural session on the 2nd night with the participants introducing each other and after that Br. Xavier Kochuparambil warmly welcomed the participants. He reminded the brothers that it is one of the ancient capuchin houses which has housed many early capuchins and helped in their initial formation.

Br. Joel de Jesus, a non-cleric Capuchin and a medical doctor by profession, who serves in the Capuchin Medical Mission in Philippines, was a source of further inspiration for our brothers. He shared about his mission among the indigenous people of the periphery and how we need to prepare ourselves and our budding friars to be with the poor.

Br. S.S.Sahayaraj inspired the brothers on personal growth and particularly about 'Mind Locks' that could affect our present living and he helped the brothers to identify their own issues of the past that block their growth process.

Br. Jaime Rey enlightened the participants on Franciscan Identity, Contemplation and invited to follow Brother Francis and Sister Clare than satisfy oneself only with the pious interpretation of Sainthood and devotion alone.

Br. Benedict Vadekekara traced back to the Capuchin history in India and its relevance today. Br. Christy Vattakuzhy dealt with the theme 'Discernment in Franciscan Perspective' situating it to our fraternal context. Br. Charles Alphonse animated the sessions on human growth, core-issue identification and healing sessions for Integration.

Fraternal Experiences

Group sharing about one's vocation, personal reflection after every input and then insight sharing in the group gave opportunity to know each other and contribute one's thoughts. Therapy and healing sessions in the evening helped the brothers experience the healing touch of God. Fraternal atmosphere, generous hospitality and exemplary life of the elderly and younger friars there was an added source of inspiration.

Inspiration at the periphery

The fourth day was a day to spend time with the needy and the poor. With the help of Br. Dominic Francis who is the director & founder of 'Akasha Pravaigal' meaning 'Heavenly/Sky Birds' a destitute home which houses hundreds of abandoned and mentally challenged men and women from different walks of life. It is a noteworthy project which is very Franciscan in nature. It is fully supported by the local people, a group of Franciscan Sisters and good willed benefactors. The needy are taken care of well by proper medication, rehabilitation, motivation and above all by the loving presence of Capuchin brothers along with the Franciscan Sisters and volunteers. One could feel the powerful fraternal message of St. Francis being lived there.