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updated 4:07 PM UTC, Feb 22, 2024

A revolution of Compassionate Love & Mercy

mercy1At the door of mercy

Our Mother Church with the guidance of our Pope Francis has just begun the journey of compassionate love during the year of mercy. As the world is journeying through tough times of violence, fear, uncertainty and threat, we Capuchins and Franciscans have a special role to play to be the messengers of peace and brotherhood. And in this mission our Pope Francis is setting an example of a true warrior for peace and human dignity. In his General audience of 18th November 2015 he further detailed his intentions to encourage the culture of welcoming and opening the door to every person who desires to enter into the house we own or live in.

He has the following invitation for us:

With this reflection we arrive at the threshold of the Jubilee, it's close. The door is before us, not just the Holy Door, but another: the great door of the Mercy of God — and that is a beautiful door! — which embraces our penance, offering the grace of his forgiveness. The door is generously open, it takes a little courage on our part to cross the threshold. Each of us has burdensome things within ourselves. We are all sinners! Let us take advantage of this coming moment and cross the threshold of this mercy of God who never tires of forgiving, never tires of waiting for us! He watches us, he is always beside us. Take heart! Let us enter through this door!

It is a lovely imagery of the door that Pope Francis has brought in at this moment to communicate the compassionate readiness of the Creator God who became like us and who is there to shower his mercy & love upon us.

Plan of action during the Year of Mercy:

  • Let us begin with the contemplation of the compassionate and merciful eyes of Jesus. It will truly give us grace to become instruments of peace and mercy.
  • When the world is fear stricken and hostile, compassionate grace of Jesus fills us with the strength to begin our mission of trust and peace building.-Let us extend a helping hand to the Mother Church in its initiatives to bring God's mercy through

mercy2"At the door of mercy"

It is a lovely imagery that Pope Francis draws to communicate the compassionate readiness of the Creator God who became like us. It is his constant call to begin the 'Revolution of tender mercy.' Being a true visionary our Pope is training us to use new imagery and concrete examples to communicate the powerful message of love and tenderness to all. It is a favourable time foor us Franciscans because the Head of our Mother Church speaks the Franciscan language and walks the talk.

All the best to be revolutionaries of mercy and tenderness

Brs. Charles Alphonse & Jaime Rey Ofm Cap.