Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 9:51 AM UTC, Sep 21, 2023

Can we stop the Franciscan Inspirational Ships from sinking? Sailors are responding…!

General Ministers of all the three major Franciscan Orders (Ofm Conv, Ofm, Ofm Cap) along with the General Minister of TOR came together and their Formation Secretaries came together on 30th March to find ways to collaborate more with their academic institutions. It is a age old dialogue but with the need of the time and insistence from Holy See, the felt need was to unify the initiatives and bring the institutions together. In reality we have very few Franciscan study centers in the world apart from Antonianum and Seraphicum (both in Rome). The members accepted the need to strengthen ties between these institutions and also be open to encourage other institutes around the world. The challenge is to come out of one's limited confine with one's family and bring in other language possibility so that many will get trained in Franciscan Spirituality. What do you think would be other languages that these families will have to think of offering courses ? What are all the forgotten or neglected centers of Franciscan Formation and how to make them relevant?