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updated 2:27 PM CET, Dec 17, 2018

Capuchin Formators Course for PACC

Know-how from Capuchin Perspective

Capuchin Formators Course was held in Sibolga, Indonesia-25th September to 6th October 2017 with a title: Franciscan Passionately Optimistic Integration.

A Time for a ‘know-how’ from Capuchin Perspective.
15 Formators from PACC attended the sessions and were glad that they had the possibility to update in Franciscan Spirituality, Formation Programme of the Order, Economic Solidarity, Inner Healing & Spiritual Integration.

For half of the formators it was the first opportunity to update themselves in topics related to formation. The need was felt to update in Franciscanism and psychological aspect of life.
Inspirational Inputs
In the First Week Br. Charles Alphonse helped them to make an Inner Journey identifying the core-issues that needed healing and helped them every evening with the healing therapeutic sessions coupled with prayer and meditation. There were also sessions on Personal Growth, Psycho-sexual affectivity, Neuroscience Insights on Well-being and Franciscan Optimistic Integration stretched also to the second week. Every session was followed by group sharing and reflection on the dealt themes.

The second part of the day had updates on First and Second Chapters of the Ratio presented by Br. Laurence Kettle, the Custos of South Korea. He introduced the themes with his creative personal touch and life touching examples. And the formators were able to participate in the group discussion that followed each session. They also came out with valid suggestions after the group discussions. It gave them an overall view about the nature of the Formative Process that the Order is intending through the Ratio and its application to the local context.
Time to pray, get inspired & relax

The weekend, that is the Saturday morning, was spent in recollection and three brothers shared their Spiritual Experiences as Capuchin Formators and their journey of faith. It was a moment of faith witness and inspiration. And the noon time was spent on Adoration and silent meditation in the presence of the Lord. The evening was a time for social exposure where the participants were able to visit the periphery and see the social situation of the people we serve.

The Sunday that followed was a day of relaxation and we went by boat to a close by Island blessed with Mother Nature and celebrated the brotherhood with singing, dancing, swimming in the blue sea and shared a friendly meal cooked there by our brothers and sisters.
In the Second Week Br. Alejandro Nunez Ennabe, our Economo General of the Order animated the sessions on Fraternal Economy, Finance Management and Solidarity.

He introduced them to the world of Economy, Global finance reality and Responsible Spending. The formators were encouraged to design a well-informed economy plan so that the student friars will be motivated about the Economic Responsibility from the beginning.
Br. Yoseph Sinaga, the Custos of Sibolga was present for few days to celebrate the mass and encourage the brothers during the sessions. Br. Paulus Tony our International Councilor for Formation & Br. Martinus were helping us with the Translation from English to Indonesian and vice versa. Br. Yulius the energetic secretary of the custody was very generous in organizing many activities.