Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum EN

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updated 3:40 PM UTC, Dec 4, 2023

Beatification of Maria Costanza Panas – October 9, 2022

A gift for the entire family of Capuchin Sisters

Agnese Pacifica Panas was born in Alano di Piave on January 6, 1896. She entered the monastery of the Capuchin Nuns of Fabriano on October 11, 1917, immediately revealing herself as one of the brightest hopes for the community. She was novice mistress and later led the community with prudence and wisdom for many years. She exhorted the nuns and those who flocked to her with numerous profound spiritual writings and examples of rare virtue. After a long illness, from which she lay bedridden during her final years, and which she endured with patience and confident abandonment to God, she died on May 28, 1963.

The liturgy (in Italian) is available for download below:


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