Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 10:23 AM CEST, Jun 19, 2018

Documents of the Order in electronic format

Featured Documents of the Order in electronic format

For about five months, several people have been working full time to realize a demanding project for the General Curia website, www.ofmcap.org.

The idea of the General Minister and Council was to set up and make available to the brothers the latest documents of the Order in an easily accessible digital format.

The project has been realized and presents all the Plenary Councils of the Order and the letters of the General Ministers since 1994. These documents are now available on the website in seven languages, in the most widely used electronic formats of Word, PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

All the documents have been set up and formatted for electronic use; they contain electronic indexes that make it possible to navigate within each document according to the device used.

So now the documents of the Order can be read and studied as an e-book, on a tablet or smartphone.

We hope that this project is useful for the friars, offering the possibility for reading, reflection, and study of the documents, to the end of a deepened awareness of our Capuchin life by means of what has been published in recent years by the Plenary Councils and written by the General Ministers.

The documents are found on the website www.ofmcap.org in the ‘documents’ section.

Happy reading and study!


Plenary Councils

Letters of the General Minister 2012-2018

fr. Mauro Jöhri

fr. John Corriveau

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