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updated 4:30 PM CET, Mar 25, 2019

Capuchin Poor Clares: “Pax et Bonum”

“Remembering the promise of Saint Francis to Clare and to the Poor Sisters of San Damiano, we must always show loving care and special concern for our sisters of the Second Order. In the contemplative life, they offer each day the sacrifice of praise, seek union with God in solitude and silence, and spread the Church far and wide with a hidden apostolic fruitfulness.” (Constitutions OFM Cap. 101,3)

Pax et Bonum

One of the forms available to us in our journeying together with our contemplative Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters is that of sharing information.  Thanks to the digital means of communication, the autonomous monasteries may truly feel a part of the Capuchin family as it exists in its various forms.

Pax et Bonum is the bulletin of the Office of the General Assistant to the Capuchin Poor Clares, which from its beginning in the General Curia in 1970, has offered the contemplatives of the Second Order information and motivation for living the charism in our current realities, by reporting on the different situations of the sisters all over the world and in close communion with the Capuchin friars. It is published twice a year in Italian, English, and Spanish. For some time it has also been sent to the individual federations and monasteries in a digital format.

Beyond the bulletin, on the blog Capuchinas y Capuchinos, you can find more frequent updates on all the news from our Office, including the reviews, photos, and various materials from the previous editions of the Pax et Bonum bulletin in various languages.


Br. Leonardo Ariel González
Delegate of the General Minister for the Capuchin Poor Clares

Download - "Pax et Bonum" 2016 B

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