Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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The Capuchin Central Library

The Capuchin Central Library

The Capuchin Central Library performs the valuable service of preserving printed material, in particular material published by or concerning the Order. Established in the second half of the 19th century it gradually grew with the acquisition of the libraries of Saint Fidelis College for the Missions (1911), of the Franciscan Museum (1912) and of the Historical Institute of the Order (1940).

The library has a stock of books and documents totaling 120,000 catalogued items, representing works by Capuchin authors, material on the history, charism and apostolate of the Order, printed materials published by its various component bodies, Franciscan publications, medieval and modern history, biblical sciences and bibliographical catalogues. It also holds Capuchin periodicals and the principal scientific reviews of the ecclesiastical disciplines, to a total of some 2,200 titles, over 600 of which are current. The library specializes in Franciscan studies and related subjects such as medieval and modern history and the life, apostolate and spirituality of the Capuchin Order.

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The Capuchin Central Library
Collegio Internazionale San Lorenzo da Brindisi
Director – Dr. Patrizia Morelli
C.P. 18382
G.R.A. Km. 65.050
00163 Roma  

tel.   +39 06 660 521
fax   +39 06 660 525 32

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