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Jerusalem 2020

Course Of Ongoing Formation

Friars Minor Capuchin
General Curia
General Secretariat of Formation

In the land of Jesus. To love him more and follow him more closely

Ongoing formation regards the whole person in a unitive way. A first aspect regards the spiritual conversion by a constant return to the sources of Christian life and to the original spirit of the Order, realized in forms adapted to times and cultures. (Const 41,3)

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Whom this course is for

The course is conceived for friars who, after about twenty years on the Franciscan path, have a sense of having reached midlife. The Holy Land becomes a place of meeting Jesus and, by means of him, ourselves. For a month and with eyes turned to Jesus, we invite you to make contact with your interiority, to continue to walk towards what is essential with the desire for an even deeper understanding of your own existence. The course is also open to all the friars responsible for formation.  


  • To make a personal rereading of one’s own story beginning from the pages of the Scriptures. To take another look at the common and personal images of our religious world.
  • To share personal and common plans beginning from the essential elements of the following of Jesus of Nazareth.


  • Images and experience of God in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament The impact of the person of Jesus in the first traditions
  • The social and ecclesial importance of the project of the Kingdom
  • The mysteries of loneliness and fraternity in the Biblical texts
  • Approaching the political and social situation of the land of Jesus
  • The many ways of reading a single text Inner Journey for Human Formation and Emotional Maturity


  • The mornings of the first three weeks are dedicated to guided archeological visits, to time for personal reflection and celebrations in common.
  • In the afternoons of the first three weeks the course offers three hours of Biblical content developed by expert professors.
  • The last week, by means of retreat, a space of interiorization is sought for all that has been seen in the preceding three weeks.
  • Active meetings of personal and common reflection, beginning form one’s own experience, will not be lacking.


Friars Minor Capuchin
General Curia
General Secretariat of Formation


Franciscan Capuchin Monastery
16 Disraeli Street – Talbiye
92222 Jerusalem – Israel
Tel.: +977 2 651 6906/07
Fax: +972 2 651 6905

Date 2020:

Language: English - French
From 5 to 30 September – 2020

Language: Spanish - Portuguese
from October 31 to November 25 – 2020

Price: 1800€

For more information:

General Curia
General Secretariat of Formation
Via Piemonte 70, 00187 ROMA (Italy)
Tel: +390666052718 - Fax +39064828267
e-mail: [email protected]

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