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updated 10:09 AM CEST, Oct 21, 2020

Assisi 2020

Course of Ongoing Formation 2020

General Secretariat of Formation

Living according to the form of the Gospel in the manner of Francis and Clare

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Whom this course is for

Reaching a certain age, our life becomes filled with things. It is the time of maturity, of responsibilities, and of commitments, but also of problems, of workaholism, and of stress. While we feel a fullness, physically and mentally, we also pass through the experience of failure, the difficulty of entering into deep dialogue with the brothers, the weight of loneliness, the silence of God. It is a moment to stop and take a breath, to find a balance between action and contemplation, between apostolate and interiority, between inside and outside. This course, which last three weeks, was conceived for friars who, having passed about fifteen years since perpetual profession, find themselves in this moment of life. It is made up of visits to the Franciscan places, and, guided by Clare and Francis, is for deepening the meaning of vocation and discovering anew the joy of being a lesser brother. The course is also open to all the friars responsible for formation.


  • To deepen the knowledge of the Franciscan sources (personal writings of Francis and hagiographical writings) and the essential elements of our tradition.
  • To revive the specific values of our charismatic identity.
  • To rethink our way of being in the world and the Church beginning from our own charism as minors and brothers, creating spaces of justice and peace.


  • Franciscan spirituality: Writings of Francis and Clare. Hagiographic sources.
  • History: From brother Francis to Saint Francis. Keys for reading the first Franciscan century.
  • Theology: Thinking on realities with a Franciscan heart. Proposals for a Franciscan theology for the world of today.
  • Inner Journey for Human Formation and Emotional Maturity


  • The mornings of the first two weeks will be visits to the Franciscan places, leaving time for personal reflection and celebrations in common.
  • The afternoons of the first two weeks will offer three hours of reflection on the content of Franciscan spirituality.
  • The last week, by means of retreat, offers a space of interiorization by means of silence and guided meditation.
  • Active meetings of personal and common reflection, beginning form one’s own experience, will not be lacking.


Friars Minor Capuchin
General Curia
General Secretariat of Formation


Domus Laetitiae. Frati Minori Cappuccini
Viale Giovanni XXIII, 2
06081 Assisi (PG). Italia.
tel. +39 075 812792. fax. +39 075 815184

Date 2020:

Spanish - Portuguese: 19 April - 8 may
English - French: 23 August - 12 September

Price: 1400€

For more information:

General Curia
General Secretariat of Formation
Via Piemonte 70, 00187 ROMA (Italy)
Tel: +390666052718 - Fax +39064828267
e-mail: [email protected]

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