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updated 12:55 PM CEST, Jul 15, 2019

New Rector at the International College

Rome – During the recent General Chapter, the rector of our International College, Br. Francesco Neri, was elected General Councilor. Therefore, one of the firsts tasks of the new administration was to find a successor. During the first meeting of the Council this past November, Br. Adrzej Kiejza, of the Province of Warsaw, was appointed. The General Minister presented Br. Andrzej to the whole community of the College during the Eucharist celebrated for the third Sunday of Advent.

“Let us renew our thanks to Br. Francesco,” said the General Minister at the end of the Mass, “as also, both personally and in the name of the Order, I thank Br. Andrzej, who has accepted this very important role in our Order, that of being rector of this College.”

The outgoing rector, Br. Francesco Neri, in his brief remarks, expressed his gratitude and good wishes. “The gratitude goes first of all the Lord, for all I have been able to do in the brief period of this service.” [a little less than a year –trans.] Br. Francesco also expressed his hope that the new rector, “conceives the service of rector as being a guardian of wonder, for there are many reasons to be filled with wonder. Above all there is the wonder of the Eucharist, then the wonder of finding oneself in a unique fraternity—where there are born friendships that will last through the years—then the wonder of being able to study, which is a gift; it’s not for nothing that one is here to study.”

At the end of the Mass, for his own part Br. Andrzej said, “I have been here only a few days. The College has changed since we were students here. You have given me a very fraternal welcome. I thank you for that, because it is a good sign for the future.”

In the introduction to the newly printed yearbook of the College, the new rector writes, “The International College ‘San Lorenzo da Brindisi’ is a complex reality, above all because of the many friars from all over the world, representing diverse countries, languages, and cultures. For this academic year 2018-2019 there are seventy-three students and nineteen brothers in the permanent community. All together this great body is made up of various institutions that, though separate and independent, all find their home and activity here: the Laurentianum journal, the Central Library, the General Archives, the Historical Institute, the Franciscan Museum, and the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality.”

The new rector begins his official term on January 1, 2019.

Br. Andrzej Kiejza OFMCap – Province of Warsaw, Poland
Brief CV

Andrzej KiejzaBr. Andrzej Kiejza OFMCap. (Province of Warsaw) was born in 1963 in Poland, professed temporary vows in 1983 and perpetual vows in 1988. In that same year he was ordained priest.

From 1989 to 1993 Br. Andrzej studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, where he completed the licentiate with his work on the Book of Revelation. In 1999 he made his doctoral defense at the Catholic University of Lublin, where he was then appointed professor of Sacred Scripture (1998-2011).

Br. Andrzej has held various posts in the Province of Warsaw: provincial secretary (1993-1994), formator in the major seminary (1994-1997), two terms as provincial definitor, provincial vicar (2006-2009), and provincial minister (2012-2018). For five years he was the president of the CECOC conference (2012-2017). Currently he is doing pastoral work in Lublin. Br. Andrzej knows, beyond his native Polish, Italian, English, French, and Spanish.

Libro annuario As we do each year, we present the digital edition of the new yearbook of the College, which this year marks the special Laurentian jubilee year dedicated to the patron of the College, St. Lawrence of Brindisi.

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