Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 2:55 PM UTC, May 29, 2023

Constitutions of the Order in 7 languages

Featured Constitutions of the Order in 7 languages

The text of the renewed Constitutions is available on the website of the Order in seven languages, including in EPUB and MOBI versions, so that everyone may enjoy the richness of this text and read it also as an eBook or on a tablet. In these EPUB and MOBI versions there is an interactive index at the end of each chapter to facilitate navigation between the chapters. For friars who would like to study the text by comparing the different translations, there is also the Constitutions and Ordinances set up in Excel —a table with the text in seven languages.

Happy reading!

Download the material

Excel —a table with the text in seven languages


Costituzioni e Ordinazioni

PDF Italiano PDF Inglese PDF Polacco PDF Spagnolo PDF Francese PDF Tedesco PDF Portoghese
DOCX Italiano DOCX Inglese DOCX Polacco DOCX Spagnolo DOCX Francese DOCX Tedesco DOCX Portoghese
MOBI Italiano MOBI Inglese MOBI Polacco MOBI Spagnolo MOBI Francese MOBI Tedesco MOBI Portoghese
EPUB Italiano EPUB Inglese EPUB Polacco EPUB Spagnolo EPUB Francese EPUB Tedesco EPUB Portoghese
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