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updated 1:00 PM CET, Jan 27, 2021

Subscribe to BICI, because…

For many years the Bulletin of International Capuchin Information (BICI) has been a means of communication between the General Curia and Capuchin friars all over the world. In recent years, technology has offered us more and more possibilities, such as video, audio, and the possibility of seeing not just a single photo, but an entire photo gallery collected on the internet. Toward this end, for some months BICI has changed, not in the sense of the layout, but in the way it works. BICI is now more than just a newsletter that can be printed and put on the bulletin board of the friary. It has now become interactive for use on a computer or a tablet, such as an iPad. This is why we are inviting the brothers of the Order to subscribe to BICI, so that everyone can receive it personally in their own email. Thus, everyone will be able to use the new functionality that has already been offered for some time. In recent months we have uploaded more than forty videos, many photo galleries, and much audio material. Much of this is only available in the electronic version. We have maintained the layout so that BICI can still be printed, but now the electronic version is much better.

Subscribing to BICI is very easy. Just go to the internet address www.bici.ofmcap.org, choose your language preference from the seven languages available, and sign up with your name and email address. That’s it! Everyone who signs up will receive BICI personally, just as it is online each month for the use of the brothers. Let the friars know of this new way to enjoy BICI, which will allow a greater sharing of communication between the General Curia and the friars in the world. We hope that these new means of communication foster fraternal communion among us Capuchins all over the world.

Watch the video – how to subscribe to BICI.


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