Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 7:30 PM UTC, Feb 1, 2023

Work and Pray for Peace in the world

Recently we attended a seminar organised by the Community of San Egidio on “The Expectation of Peace…” where the speakers (Padre Marco Gnavi, Suor Maria Conception Escobar Zapata and Padre Matteo Sanavio have brought again to our awareness the terrible catastrophe that wars can bring to the families, children, women, elders, poor and to the humanity at large. How sad it is that many children in war ridden zone have to face death and threats every day. And some of them have to die before even knowing what is life.

Very few political leaders all over the world are sensible and aware of harm that war can bring to the humanity. You may be asking the following question: What can I do? The following are some faith filled responses:

Never become tired of doing good to others. is the message of Pope Francis to us all.

All cannot do everything but each one can do her/his part – Sister Maria Conception Escobar Zapata

Woking for peace, it better to not be perfect - Padre Marco Gnavi

We need not be afraid in front of thousands of challenges… working together is a Sinod experience and is the witness - Padre Matteo Sanavio

The religious congregations continue to receive the immigrants and war refuges from different parts of war-ridden countries. Our Capuchin friaries are accommodating hundreds of refugees of war in Ukraine and other places. As our Brother Francis whenever it is possible let us work for peace, wish good to all, become aware of the greed of business avarice and everyday ask God to touch the heart of our leaders so that they can be true instruments of peace.

Thanks to Prof. Marco Bartoli for his motivational initiatives.

(Thanks to Fra. Michele Mottura who helped us to correct this text translated into Italian).

Charles Alphonse and Jaime Rey OFMCap

General Secretariat for Formation

For more information you are welcome to watch this video: