Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 11:27 AM UTC, Mar 22, 2023

World Day of the Sick & Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

“We desire healing and we long to live a healthy life,” this is the earning in the hearts millions of human persons and the creation.

Pope Francis referring to this day called for spiritual and physical closeness to all those who are sick.  “I wish each one to imitate the Blessed Virgin in her full availability to the divine will. May her example and her intercession be an incentive to strengthen your witness to the Gospel,” the Pope said.


As the pandemic continue to devastate many people’s lives, we as Capuchins have to continue to be Little People of the People who are available to accompany, to listen, to enlighten, help, care and take people’s intentions to God in prayer.

Respecting the rules of the Government, we have to encourage people to take basic precautions like vaccine, follow the directives of World Health Organisations, Medical Experts and also continue a nature based life. As our Brother Francis and Sister Clare did we need to turn to God, Mother Mary and Sister Nature to begin again a healthy life. What comes next, after basic precautionary measure, is to lead a bio-friendly spiritual life that is care for the nature, eat natural food, drink natural drinks, use natural herbs available in our locality and make it available to the needy. Collaborating with the scientific world we have to make known to the world that we can start again a healthy life, being simple, bio-friendly and be aware of ecological concerns.

With the intercession of our Blessed Mother of Lourdes, let us heal and get healed Brothers!

Charles Alphonse and Jaime Rey OFMCap
General Secretariat for Formation