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updated 8:53 PM UTC, Jul 27, 2021

A Novel that can change our mindset

“Per Un’altra Strada,” La leggenda del Quarto Magio, The Legend of the Fourth Magi (wise men), is the recent Italian novel by Mimmo Muolo published by Paoline. The capitivating cover design is done by our friend Giuseppe Siniscalchi, who is an advocate and artist from Italy. It takes us to the ancient world its beauty, richness, search for God, lives of true sages who with their goodness filled heart make lots of sacrifices to follow the light of God’s inspiration that guides them. Their struggles through the world of exploiting monarchs, sincere search to find the truth, daring journeys through the desert and cities are worth knowing. Today we may not have the chance to venture into those mystifying and richness filled worlds but through reading this we are made to go there and experience something that will leave a deep mark in our hearts. It made me to realise that I have to be open to learn from the past history, continue to search for the true meaning of life and never stop with the present knowledge.

You are welcome to join the online presentation of this book on 4th January 2021 at 18.00 CET.

Facebook Link for the book presentation: https://fb.me/e/3QWp8lFH8
Charles Alphonse