Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 2:37 PM CEST, Jun 25, 2018

Share His light!

Our General Minister Br. Mauro has shared the following message with us during his Easter Sunday Homily:
“Easter is a feast of hope, joy and grace. The Resurrection stories invite us to look at everything with the eyes of faith. When we don’t feel His presence physically he is more fully present. Let us take and share this light of Christ with all the world where there is darkness, emptiness and difficulty. Let us remember all our brothers who live in difficult moments let they be sustained and illumined by this light in their hearts. Let also pray that Jesus resurrects in us the light, hope & joy of Easter. I wish you a happy Easter.”

Br. Leonardo, from Argentina, shared the following during the Easter Vigil:
“Easter is the feast of running, waiting, search and the adoration of the Risen Lord. The women who were waiting for Jesus were running and searched for an encounter with Jesus and finally adored him. They were very deeply moved when they unexpectedly had an experience with Jesus.”

COur dear brothers, we need grace, need faith to have the experience and encounter with Jesus. From the inner commotion of this encounter we will receive the energy from above to do our little part by announcing his message of love, justice, peace and hope for all. Let us begin to pray for the descending of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost. That the fire that comes from above transforms us to become brothers who are open to His inspirations, Christians more positive and transformed.

Let us thank the Lord for all the blessings that we have and transform our fraternity to be a place where feel the presence of living Christ, who takes the human face of each brother! We wish you a serene Easter dear Brother & Sister!
Charles Alphonse e Jaime Rey Ofm Cap