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updated 2:37 PM CEST, Jun 25, 2018

A time to reprogram ourselves – Lent 2017

Dear Brothers,

Wish you a grace filled Lenten Season!

It is a time for us to deprogram the negative, selfish aspects of the past in us and reprogram ourselves with God’s Word & the sacrificial love of Jesus, associating our life pains with the Passion Meditation of our Liberative Master Jesus.

When we meditatively remember the painful realities of our humanity and ours during our prayer we will get redemptive and resurrective meanings to march forward. Pope Francis asks us to courageously march towards resurrection along with the passion meditation. As Cardinal Carlo Martini reminded us let us update our theology by spending time to read and study the Sacred Scripture and its current applications. This is possible when we pray and then contemplate where we allow the Divine Word to influence us. In those moments of silent waiting new inspirations will emerge.

Please pray dear brothers for the success of the Ratio. Our collaborators are working at it and we invite you to read the texts we have sent to you and come out with your feedback so that Ratio becomes our text.

Let us come out with new answers of witness & hope for our young men who come to pursue our way of life and to the humanity!

With fraternal wishes

Charles Alphonse & Jaime Rey